Tunuyan Horse riding

Tunuyan Horse riding



PCIA. DE mendoza


Horses, guanacos, condors, hares…


All of these animals will be present on this trail. On a great adventure accompanied by expert mule drivers and gauchos from the area that are known from magnificent legends, we will cross the cordillera following the footsteps of General San Martin.

Our crossing begins in Tupungato in Finca, close to La Piedra Rajada, where we can admire the foothills of the Andes unfold before our eyes. There we will meet don Nono, one of the most experienced mule drivers in the area, and if we are lucky he will tell us his story.




Duration: 4 days

Departure and Arrival: Mendoza


Day 1: Finca, from La Piedra Rajada – Las Llaretas – Refugio Real de la Cruz

Day 2:  Another incredible day of horseback riding at the base of the Cerro Marmolejo (Marble Hill)

Day 3: Horsedback riding to the crossing with Chile (4.100 mts)

Day 4: Return to Las Llaretas – Lunch – Finca, from La Piedra Rajada


* The guide and company can modify the schedule of the ascent in accordance with the group’s needs and the climatic conditions. 



From Finca, located 22 km from the city of Tupungato, we will take a van to our first point of departure, Real de la Cruz, near  the Regufio Scaraveli – Mula Muerta to begin the horseback ride.


After a delicious barbeque prepared by the mule drivers, we will begin the trail to Real de la Cruz on horseback, which is located in the Alto Valle del Tunuyán. Pack mules will also accompany us on our trek that, guided by the mule drivers, will travel the paths in the mountain with great ease.


After 2.5 hours of riding followed by condors, we will reach the highest altitude of our trip: the Argentine Pass. An artificial formation in the shape of a V at an altitude of 4,300 meters above sea level.

We will begin the descent, a gentle next step, until we arrive at the Alto Valle del Tunuyán after 7 hours of riding.

From there we will be able to see the impressive southern face of the Tupungato volcano and its glaciers, the San Juan inn, the Marmolejo hill and, with sharp eyes, the Chilean border further in the distance.

In the valley we will also see the Refugio Real de la Cruz, a majestic refuge built in the 1940s with stones transported on the back of mules. This will be our base for the next days.

Day 2

We will prepare for another incredible day of horseback riding. The mule drivers will prepare our horses and mules and we will cross the valley and lateral gorge to the south where we will find ourselves at the base of the Cerro Marmolejo (Marble Hill) admiring the two glaciers before our eyes.


After an excellent countryside barbeque we will begin our return to the Refugio Real de Cruz.


The crossing: The day has finally arrived and we are going to Chile!!!! We will get an early start and ride to the border at 4,100 meters above sea level.


The Homonimo River runs through the Alto Valle de Tunuyán and we will need the expertise of our mule drivers to cross it. We will cross it with their help, but not without getting a little bit wet, and we will cross the valley surrounded by glaciers and snow-capped mountains.


Accompanied by wild hares and guanacos we will arrive at the border, from where we can observe the immensity of the valley and the foothills of the Andes. Next we will begin our descent, dazzled by the landscapes surrounding us and satisfied with the great crossing that we have completed. 


We will begin early and return to the starting point of our adventure. We will ascend the pass again at 4,500 meters above sea level and then descend to the surroundings of the Scaravelli refuge. After a goodbye barbeque we will return to the Finca, where we will prepare for our return to Mendoza.


All meals during the trip after our departure from Finca


Pack mules

Mule drivers







Personal equipment

Personal medication for individual clients (although we do have a first aid kit)

Any additional cost if the some one decides to leave the expedition early

Telephone communication

Any other service that is not specified in this document



Leather boots or chaps

Neoprene pads

Sleeping bags

Hiking boots/ sneakers

Warm socks- 3 pairs

Long underwear or leggings

Hiking pants or britches

Long-sleeved shirt or turtleneck -2

Fleece jacket

Warm waterproof jacket

Warm gloves

Hat for sun protection

Fleece hat

Sun glasses


Liter thermos

Head lamp

Sun block

Toothbrush and paste

Lip protection

Feminine hygiene products

Toilet paper

Personal documents




Fanny pack


Handkerchief for your neck


Saddlebags for the transportation of personal equipment