(6621 meters above sea level)

Catamarca Province


Incahuasi is a volcano in Catamarca Province, Argentina that borders the desert region of Atacama, Chile. Given its high altitude, this volcano is the tenth tallest mountain in the Americas.

Its name means “house” in Quechua, an Incan language and Incan sanctuaries have been built on its summit.


Duration: 11 days

Arrival and return from Fiambala, Catamarca

Day 1: Fiambala– Cazadero Grande, 3,000 meters above sea level

Day 2: Day in el Chorro

Day 3: El Chorro – Las Grutas, 4,000 meters above sea level

Day 4: Hiking in Falso Morocho

Day 5: Hot springs of Las Grutas

Day 6: Base camp- 5,500 meters above sea level

Day 7: Campsite 1- 5,700 meters

Day 8: Campsite 2- 5,900 meters

Day 9: Summit – 6,621 meters

Day 10: Descent to Fiambalá

Day 11: Extra day


* The guide and company can modify the schedule of the ascent in accordance with the group’s needs and the climatic conditions.

Day 1

We leave from Fiambalá and arrive in Cazadero Grande, (3,000 meters). Here we will prepare the campsite to begin acclimatization.

Day 2

We will move to el Chorro, or in English “the jet of water”, where we will enjoy fishing for trout, a number of hikes and rock/ climbing.

Day 3

 We will take down the campsite and head to las Grutas (4,000 meters) to continue the acclimatization process.

Day 4

 We will go on a light hike to Falso Morocho, (4,500 meters) to acclimatize.

Day 5

 We will hike to the hot springs of Las Grutas, or “the caverns/caves” in English, and spend the day there.

Day 6

We will realize/make our first towards the summit. We will set up the base camp along the backside of the small volcanoes at 5,500 meters.

Day 7

We will ascend to campsite 1 where we will reach 5,700 in altitude. We will camp there for the night and enjoy the incredible view.

Day 8

We will continue the acclimatization process and ascend to campsite 2 at an altitude of 5900 meters.


Day 9

Today we will tackle the summit, reaching almost 6,700 meters of altitude. After, we will descend to campsite 2 where we will spend the night.

Day 10

We will take down campsite 2, descend to the volcanoes and rest in the thermal waters of Fiambalá.

Day 11

Extra day



Transportation from Catamarca to Fiambalá

Transportation from Fiambalá to Las Grutas and from the Las Grutas to refuge 5 
Two nights of accommodation in Fiambalá

Professional guide and assistant during the entire expedition
Food during the entire expedition
Altitude tents

Constant VFH communication




Accommodation at the refuge in Las Grutas
Personal equipment
Personal medications for individual clients (although we do have a first aid kit)
Extra nights of accommodation in Fiambalá
Any additional cost if the some one decides to leave the expedition early
Drinks in Fiambalá and Las Grutas
Telephone communication
Any other service that is not specified in this document





Neoprene pads

High altitude sleeping bag

Hiking boots

Walking shoes/ sneakers

Wool or fleece socks- 2 pairs

Long underwear or leggings

Fleece pants

Waterproof pants

Hiking pants

Long underwear

Thermall long sleeve shirt 

Polar fleece jacket

Down jacket

Rain jacket

Sun protection

Tooth brush and tooth paste

Lip protection

Toilet paper


Personal documents

Camera (optional)

Ski poles

Thermos (1 liter)



Thermal/insulated gloves

Polar tech gloves

Down mittens

Sun hat

Polar tech hat