(4700 meters above sea level)



The Domuyo volcano, at 4700 meters above sea level, is located in the north of the Neuquén province in the districts Minas and Chos Malal. In 1989 the area was converted into the Domuyo Province Park.

This volcano is part of the Cordillera del Viento, “foothills of the wind” in English, that stretches 75 km and is one of the most important geographic features of Patagonia. There are hot spring and intermittent streams and waterfalls/springs of thermal water, the most important being El Humazo, Las Hoyetas, Los Tachos and Aguas Calientes.







Duration: 5 days

Departure and arrival from Chos Malal



Day 1: Reception in Chos Malal, Neuquen.

Day 2: Chos Malal - Aguas Calientes – Base Camp Base (3200 mts)

Day 3: Base Camp – Summit – Base Camp

Day 4: Base Camp – Aguas Calientes – Chos Malal

Day 5: Extra Day

Day 6: Portezuelo de Fósiles - Summit – Base camp

Day 7: Base camp – Aguas Calientes


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* The guide and company can modify the schedule of the ascent in accordance with the group’s needs and the climatic conditions. 




Day 1: Reception in Chos Malal, Neuquen


We will meet in Chos Malal (Neuquen). At night we will have a welcome dinner, a meeting to check equipment and an informational chat. 


Day 2: Chos Malal - Aguas Calientes – Base Camp Base (3200 mts)


After eating a hearty breakfast we will continue the trip. Along the way we will visit/see beautiful mountain towns such as Chosmalal, Las Ovejas, Varvarco and Andacollo along the shore of the Neuquén River. Our final destination for the day is the town Aguas Calientes, or “Hot Springs” in English, where, after bathing in the pleasant hot springs, we will enjoy a delicious chivo that is typical of the area.


Renewed by the hot springs, we are ready for our ascent!
Beginning our Trek from “El Playon”. After 4 hours of hiking we will arrive at the refuge at the mountain’s base where we will camp. On the way we will pass turquoise lakes of volcanic origin.


From the Base Camp at 3200 meters, we will prepare our acclimatization, to prepare ourselves to attack the summit the following day.


Day 3: Base Camp – Summit – Base Camp 


This is our day!! We will climb to the summit of the highest peak in Patagonia!


We will have an early start. This will be the most demanding day in terms of hours of hiking and we will reach the summit at 4,700 meters above sea level.

After 4 hours of hiking we will arrive at a pass between the mountains where we will see marine fossil remains (ammonites). From here we will also be able to see the route of ascent to the summit although we will not be able to see the summit itself yet. 


After another 4 hours of climbing we finally reach the summit of the Volcano!! The view is magnificent in all directions: you can see “La cordillera del viento” through the West; the Land of the Nequen’s valleys to the South; Mendoza and its volcanoes looking at the North; and silver lakes to the East.

We will take a rewarding rest at the summit, while we take some photographs, signed the summit book, and of course we recover energies eating something to start then the way down back to Base Camp where we will spend the night. 


Day 4: Base Camp – Aguas Calientes – Chos Malal


After breakfast, we will prepare the equipment and descend until we reach Aguas Calientes, where we will take another bath at the hot springs.


Afterwards, we will drive back to Chos Malal, where our adventure ends. 


Day 5: Extra Day


We contemplate the possibility of a delay in ascending the summit in case of bad weather conditions. Therefore, we have this extra day, which will allow us to take advantage waiting for a window of good weather.





Transportation Chos Malal – Aguas Calientes – Playon, Neuquen (round trip).

Professional guide and assistant for the entire expedition

2 nights of accommodation

Meals during the entire expedition

Altitude tents

Constant VFH communication 




Transportation to Chos Malal, Neuquen.

Personal equipment.

Personal medication for individual clients (although we do have a first aid kit).

Extra nights of accommodation.

Any additional cost if the some one decides to leave the expedition early.


Telephone communication.

Any other service that is not specified in this document.


personal eQUIPMENT


Neoprene pads

High altitude sleeping bag

Hiking boots

Walking shoes/ sneakers

Wool or fleece socks- 2 pairs

Long underwear or leggings

Fleece pants

Waterproof pants

Hiking pants

Thermal long sleeve shirt - 2

Polar fleece jacket

Down jacket

Rain jacket

Thermal/insulated gloves

Polar tech gloves

Sun hat

Polar tech hat


Ski poles

Thermos (1 liter)



Sun protection

Tooth brush and tooth paste

Lip protection (spf chapstick)

Toilet paper


Personal documents

Camera (optional)

Bathing suit

Hygiene products