LLullaillaco Volcano



(6739 msnm)



This volcano, also known for its Incan sanctuary, is 6,739 meters above sea level and is in the province Salta, more precisely in the region of Antofagasta. It is the sixth tallest mountain in the Americas and the fourth tallest volcano in the world.

In 1999 the remains of the three well-known children of Llullaillaco were exhumed here. They are the remains of children who were sacrificed and were mummified as a result of the freezing temperature. The remains correspond to a 15-year-old teenage girl (known as The Maiden), a 6-year-old girl (The Lightening Girl) and a 7-year-old boy. These mummies, over 500 years old, are kept in the Museo de Alta Montaña (MAAM) de Salta.




Duration: 10 days

Arrival and departure from Salta capital


Day 1: Reception- equipment check, informative talk and dinner


Day 2: Salta - Tolor Grande


Day 3: Tolar Grande- La Casualidad


Day 4: Arrive in La Casualidad, base camp


Day 5: Transportation to Camp 1


Day 6: Base camp- Camp 1


Day 7: Camp 1 – summit - base camp


Day 8: Base camp - Tolar Grande


Day 9: Tolar Grande - Salta


Day 10: Extra day



* The guide and company can modify the schedule of the ascent in accordance with the group’s needs and the climatic conditions. 





Transport from Salta to Tolar Grande

A professional guide and assistant during the entire expedition

Accommodation for two nights

Meals during the entire expedition

Altitude tents

Constant VFH communication




Transportation to Salta

Personal equipment

Personal medication for individual clients (although we do have a first aid kit)

Extra nights of accommodation

Any additional cost if the some one decides to leave the expedition early

Telephone communication

Any other service that is not specified in this document





Neoprene pads

High altitude sleeping bag

Hiking boots

Walking shoes/ sneakers

Wool or fleece socks- 2 pairs

Long underwear or leggings

Fleece pants

Waterproof pants

Hiking pants



Long underwear-Thermall long sleeve shirt  - 2

Polar fleece jacket

Down jacket

Rain jacket

Thermal/insulated gloves

Polar tech gloves

Down mittens

Sun hat

Polar tech hat



Ski poles

Thermos (1 liter)


Sun protection

Tooth brush and tooth paste

Lip protection (spf chapstick)

Toilet paper


Personal documents

Camera (optional)