MOUNTAIN DUCK is a company dedicated to developing expeditions and outdoor tourism in the Himalayas as well as Argentina and the rest of South America.


We offer a large variety of mountaineering programs in high, medium and low altitudes as well as trekking, horseback riding and skiing. We also offer excursions to a private refuge in Vallecitos, Cordón del Plata and our expeditions in Cerro Aconcagua are particularly unique.


Our expeditions are catered to small groups in order to guarantee success and provide exclusive service. Mountain Duck suggests set dates for our expeditions but we also organize private expeditions in accordance with our clients needs. Additionally, we arrange packages tailored to our clients individual needs.


At the same time, we offer sustainable tourism experiences that support environmental conservation, preserve cultural heritage, and enhance the lives of local residents.


For more information about our programs, visit Aconcagua and More Expeditions sections. Looking forward to hearing from you!